10 Things

You might not know about Tree

  1. Tree is a hazelnut tree
  2. Tree was born on a windy day in late fall
  3. Hazelnut trees grow super fast at the beginning – up to 24 inches per year! They can become real giants with a height of up to 66 feet!
  4. Tree is around 3 summers old
  5. Tree doesn’t judge – his friends come in all colors and shapes. He likes animals, plants and humans alike.
  6. Once, Tree tried to wear shoes but they ripped apart almost instantly. His roots are too big already!
  7. Tree’s best friend is a little girl named Greta. He met her on his very first adventure and although Greta might not talk to every human, she will always hug and chat with her friend Tree.
  8. Tree loves to celebrate! What is your favorite holiday?
  9. Tree likes music so much, he can’t stand still when he hears some tunes – he simply has to shake his leaves!
  10. His favorite food is – honey! That is very silly, right? Have you ever seen a tree eating honey? But then, have you ever seen a walking tree?

….and one more!

11. Tree has another really good friend – a baby turtle! You will find the turtle on      every illustration in the book. Can you spot every single one?